Ipswich and the Ulster Hotel lose local legend

Ipswich and the Ulster Hotel lose local legendThe historically rich Queensland city of Ipswich sadly marked a new chapter in its narrative with the recent passing of local legend and stalwart pub professional, Norma Flannery.

A commemoration of her life took place at Ipswich’s St Mary’s Church on Wednesday, with over 600 people packing the cathedral to honour the passing of the 87-year-old face of the Ulster Hotel.

Tears and laughter were shared as Norma’s loving grandchildren regaled the service with anecdotes of Norma’s stories about the Ulster and people of Ipswich. She reputedly had an astonishing memory for dates, and “saved many marriages” reminding patrons it was their anniversary.

Having tended the Ulster for many years and counting those as “the happiest of her life”, it was fitting that attendees moved to the Hotel to raise their glasses in honour of their friend, mother, grandmother and all-round Ipswich pillar.

The Hotel enjoys a proud heritage, boasting four generations of the same family as custodians.

Those that have been to the Ulster will no doubt remember Norma, and having lost a small piece of itself Ipswich is likely to never forget.


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