Some of the next 20 years’ greatest opportunities lie within hospitality – according to top economic advisory firm SGS Economic Planning.

Slide 1Hospitality specialist builder Rohrig commissioned SGS to present a forecast on suburban growth over the next 20 years, focusing on the future and merits of Sydney and its unfaltering growth.

SGS’ Terry Rawnsley captivated guests with slides showing the realities of another two million people to the State capital, backdropped by the stunning city lights, seen from the 220-degree 300-metre high view in the magnificent Studio Sydney Tower – recently refurbished by Rohrig.

Key points of the presentation centred around the changes to occur as greater Sydney hits seven million residents, with a million more people to occupy districts west of Parramatta.

The influx will bring infrastructure and billions in income and revenue, and necessitate a million more homes, 600 schools, tens of thousands of hotel rooms and over 20 million more schooners of beer.

The city’s second airport and the Metro rail network under construction will alter the dynamics of traffic, hospitality and job opportunities. Coupled with Australia’s increasing trend toward service-based revenue from both domestic and overseas consumers, the future is bright for hospitality.

Glenn Rohrig
Glenn Rohrig

Rohrig is a family business that began in Brisbane over 24 years ago, but it now bases itself in Sydney and has an office in Melbourne, as the three eastern capitals continue to grow their hospitality sectors.

SGS Economic Planning provides independent policy advice on matters of planning and economics. It aims to shape policy and investment with views to sustainability and community, and counts State Governments as its clients.

Speaking with PubTIC, Rohrig explained the evening was inspired by their direct exposure to Sydney’s suburban and hotel sector boom. The company determined to offer industry and ongoing clients some expert analysis on issues that keep coming up in discussion.

“The biggest topics in Sydney right now are around the increasing population and infrastructure,” said company spokesperson, Jessica Evans.

“We wanted to give our guests some valuable information and insight on these topics to take away from the night.”


Royal Hotel - recently refurbished by Rohrig for Newhaven Hotels
Royal Hotel – recently refurbished by Rohrig for Newhaven Hotels


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