Prompted by problems created or exacerbated through the pandemic, a suite of specialist systems by Quantaco is promising real solutions for hospitality.

Formerly known as PKF Hospitality, the industry specialist expanded mid-2021, changing its name to Quantaco, focusing solely on the hospitality industry, with holistic services including advisory for capital and insurance.

Quantaco’s ‘What If…’ campaign is about turn-key solutions tailored for the hospitality industry that the company says “can make a huge impact”.

The initiative aims to get to the heart of some of the biggest pain points the industry is facing, both historic and in the current environment.

Virtually all businesses face the perpetual goal of increasing growth and profit, and the well-documented staff crisis is only adding to the ever-present desire to reduce wage costs.

But beyond those issues usually seen by businesses, there is the increased threat of and potential for fraud, a need for operators to make better use of enterprise-grade technology, and an increasing need to simplify ratcheting compliance requirements.

Quantaco is proud of the support it provided many hospitality businesses throughout the pandemic and has used the lessons gleaned to hone its services in this initiative.

“It focuses on exactly the use cases and results we’ve been putting into practice with our clients,” explains Anthony Sullivan, Quantaco CEO.

“From a four per cent EBITDAR increase to a six per cent decrease in wage costs, our solutions, managed on your behalf, address the current gap for hospitality businesses right now.”

Quantaco asks “What if …

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