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A Cabulture man has demonstrated the importance of beer, returning to a Queensland pub after a fight with a knife sticking out of his back.

Earlier this month, two men were kicked out of a pub in Beerwah, around an hour north of Brisbane.

The two men, one a local the other from nearby Cabulture, were known to each other, and continued the fight outside.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police Service reported the 20-year-old Beerwah man stabbed his 27-year-old opponent in the back, after which the older man returned to the pub for his drink.

The police were called and he was transported to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital, said to be in a stable condition.

The spokesperson said QPS was being assisted with their enquiries, and that a “substantial” amount of alcohol was involved.

It has not been disclosed whether charges will be laid.

Police also did not disclose a description of the weapon, nor the beer.


  1. Good morning Clyde,
    Regarding the Beerwah Hotel incident reported in PubTic, I bring to your notice a couple of very important facts,
    1: The two men entered the hotel already heavily intoxicated, one of whom began picking fights with other patrons.
    Security ejected them & they both disappeared down the road away from the hotel.
    2: There was an argument between them when away from the hotel at which time one of the men was stabbed.
    3: A passer by saw the injured man & because of the late hour, immediately took him to the nearby hotel at which
    time emergency services/police were contacted by hotel staff.
    : Main point here is that the 2 men were not served at the hotel & the incident occurred away from the hotel.

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