Hoshizaki Lancer has launched its revolutionary python manufacturing machine, which will significantly upgrade the capabilities of beverage dispensers such as beer taps and soft drink fountains.

While they are not often thought about, beverage dispensing trunk lines, often called python, are critical to any operation serving drinks. They transport beverages from their place of storage, such as a cool room, to the point where it is dispensed, such as a beer tap or soft drink hose.

Hoshizaki Lancer, a subsidiary of Lancer Worldwide (originally established as Lancer Corporation in 1967) is a leading supplier of food services equipment including beverage dispensing components. They have made a significant investment in the new python machine.

Standing by their commitment to support local manufacturing within Australia, and in partnership with Asytec, the new python machine (dubbed ‘Monty’) was designed and manufactured at the Hoshizaki Lancer production facility in Beverley, South Australia.

This state-of-the-art machine will be able to produce cabled python, which offers significant advantages over the non-cabled python that is commonly used within venues.

Most notably, benefits include quicker and easier installation, with a reduction of close to 50 per cent in the force needed to pull the cabled python through conduit, as well as an increased flexibility created by a 25 per cent diameter reduction of the cabled python when looped. These are a bonus for venues where space is at a premium.

A further benefit was created during the packing process, where knuckling within the python has been eliminated.

These innovations mean less time in renovation and building down-time, allowing venues to get back to earning revenue more quickly.

The capabilities of the new python machine include an industry leading python comprising a whopping 24 product lines, and improved output to meet the demands of the beverage industry.

“We are extremely excited to unveil our new python machine, nicknamed ‘Monty’,” says Laurie Boxwell, Managing Director ANZ, Hoshizaki Lancer.

“This significant investment is just part of Hoshizaki Lancer’s rich tradition of providing innovative new products for our customers that provide tangible benefits and strong ROI.

“The addition of cabled python to Hoshizaki Lancer’s industry leading beverage dispensing portfolio represents a game-changer in allowing for faster and more efficient installations, while ensuring that the beverage being dispensed is exactly as the producer intended.”   

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