In In the Courts by Clyde Mooney

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Four young women are facing court on multiple charges including assaulting police after poor behaviour outside a Maitland pub.

A disagreement in the well-patronised pub’s beer garden around 1am on Sunday morning lead to one woman being asked to leave by security. Police claim she refused, and other people she was socialising with became involved.

The group of four left the pub soon after, but were still standing outside when police arrived. Staff that had notified the authorities pointed out the main offender, who attempted to run away.

Police gave chase, and again other members of the group intervened, and reportedly “interfere[d] with the police investigation”.

One police officer was punched in the nose as well as kicked in the groin. His injuries were minor and hospital treatment was not required.

The women involved were detained and taken to Maitland station, where they were processed and released, pending court hearings.

Charged with assault and failing to leave a licensed premise was a 20-year-old girl from Tenambit, north-west of Newcastle.

Also facing assault, plus hindering police and resisting arrest was a 19-year-old from Sawyers Gully, south-west of Tenambit.

Two 21-year-old girls were charged with failing to leave licensed premise, as well as one each disobeying a move-on direction and resisting arrest. They were both from Rutherford, roughly mid-way between the Tenambit and Sawyers Gully.

All the women are due to appear in Maitland Local Court at later dates.

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