In In the Courts by Clyde Mooney

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Police have arrested four people out of a group of five tourists that launched a blitz attack on security at a Camperdown pub after being asked to leave.

The Alfred Hotel on Missenden Road is across from RPA Hospital and a short walk from Sydney University. Wednesday nights typically see a crowd of revelling students but no trouble.

Last Wednesday a group arrived and became boisterous, and were ultimately asked to leave by security.

One of the two males in the group refused to leave the vicinity, instead strutting around outside hurling abuse and spitting at the security for around 15 minutes, during which time the police were called. He ripped off his shirt and shaped up to the guards, before finally throwing punches.

Others from the group – including three women – joined in, in a pathetic drunken display that looked like it wasn’t their first, with fists flying and people falling down.

To their credit, the guards prevented all attempts to re-enter the pub, fending off assaults by multiple people at once.

One guard, Tony, was hit more than a dozen times in the face. Female staff later applied ice packs, and he was eventually taken to hospital for treatment. He is reported to be OK, but will take a couple of weeks off work.

Owner of the Alfred, Bill Smith, says the guards went above and beyond to protect the pub and people in it.

“Our blokes showed a higher level of restraint, and I think it’s a reflection of the professionalism in the industry these days.

“The guys are there to make sure it’s a safe environment for everybody, and they do a difficult job very professionally. I’m really proud of them.”

Smith says it was a shock to the young staff they have at the Hotel, many of them uni students who regularly work with Tony, as well as the night managers and 100-odd patrons. Management have discussed the incident with all involved, with a view to managing any ongoing affects.

“They shouldn’t be subjected to that level of violence,” says Smith. “It saddens me.

“I hope these people have to answer to the charges and are punished accordingly.”

The group are believed to be overseas tourists, occupying a nearby short-stay apartment.

It has been reported that on Thursday morning police arrested and charged four of those involved in the brawl. More details to come.

(Video footage sent to Ben Fordham at 2GB)