In Social Media by Clyde Mooney

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A Californian carpenter has become the unofficial spokesperson for Kirkland Light, producing his own lovingly intoxicated endorsements for the value-priced American beer.

Attempting to prove a mainstream US lager can be better and more than sex on the beach (f*ing close to water), Randy Colpek is putting himself out there as the world’s biggest fan of Kirkland Light – the house brand of supermarket behemoth Costco.

Specialising in bulk value, Costco sell 48-packs of the beer for an intoxicating US$22 each. (Around AU$0.60 per can.)

As reported on Esquire, Colpek frequently guzzles 18 cans a day, and was recently knocked back at the recycling centre with his trailer of emptys for exceeding the 50-kilo limit.

Colpek and co-horts have been making the ads for several months, to much social media acclaim and corresponding discernment by booze-booers.

Costco has to-date distanced itself from the free – albeit questionable – marketing assistance.