As the British pub scene continues its seemingly relentless march toward anonymity and streamlined operations, one operator is attempting to impart a little ‘scouser’ humour into its venues.

On Doric Street, in Seaforth, Merseyside, sits a 100-year-old pub long known as The Doric.

New owners AtWill Pubs have changed the pub’s name to something they say reflects the town’s history, once boasting the UK’s largest shipping docks, as well as their own ‘scouser’ [resident of Liverpool] sense of humour.

The Cock & Seamen will, they say will be a serious pub, with a focus on quality cask ales and all that makes British pubs great.

“The demise of the industry at the hands of the big pub companies has given us the drive to go it alone, and here we are with 13 pubs and we’re still growing,” said owner Ed Atkinson, who with business partner Fred Williams also operates The Cock and Pullet in Wirral, and The Cock and Donkey in Birkenhead.

The pair admit the name is cheeky, but mean no offense and hope people will see it as funny.

“Let’s not forget, pubs are meant to be fun places to be in. Scousers are known for our sense of humour, so we hope The Cock and Seaman will be embraced and enjoyed by all who sail in her.”

Cock & Seamen

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