In Drinks Spirits by Clyde Mooney

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Beam Suntory has revealed its latest cheeky Canadian Club & Dry ad, furthering the alternative to beer concept by asking ‘Who made Beer the Boss of Summer?’.

Capitalising on Australia’s penchant for dark spirits, while challenging perceptions around how they are consumed and enjoyed, Canadian Club has found considerable success with the continuing ‘Over Beer?’ theme, The Big Question, countering the dominant beer culture.

The campaign for the coming summer (video below) targets the almost assumed arrogance of beer companies, touting the amber ale as the only option.

Created by Australian creative agency The Monkeys with Beam Suntory ANZ, the targeted concept is proving its worth well beyond Down Under.

“Canadian Club & Dry’s success shows there is something in challenging the conventional wisdom of beer,” says Trent Chapman, marketing director Beam Suntory ANZ.

“This insight rings true all the way to Canada where The Big Question creative, produced by The Monkeys and Beam Suntory ANZ, is essentially being used to sell Canadian Club & Dry to Canadians.”

The latest campaign will be seen across broadcast TV, print and out-of-home advertising.