A Darwin nightclub has seen a security guard sustain “life-threatening injuries” at the hands of three men.

A fight reportedly broke out at infamous party venue Shenannigans Pub on Saturday night, with security guards becoming involved.

A 33-year-old bouncer on duty was knocked to the ground and possibly kicked and stomped, causing him to lose consciousness and sustain head injuries.

Men aged and 19 and 21 were arrested at the scene by police, who are currently looking for the third man, who is reportedly known to them.

Police have reviewed CCTV footage and Acting Commander Tony Fuller is asking any members of the public who witnessed the assault to contact Crime Stoppers.

“It’s not something you expect to see when you go to a nightclub, and particularly if you’re a security guard you don’t expect to end up in a critical condition at the end of the night,” said Fuller.

While most of the country is seeing a steady drop in alcohol-related violence figures, the Northern Territory is still coming to grips with the problem, experiencing an overall increase last year of 2.1 per cent as compared to 2013.

By comparison, New South Wales has overall seen a 1.7 per cent reduction in non-domestic assault during the same period.

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