The most influential whisky brand in the world has released the stunning second instalment of its sophisticated ‘Gentlemen’s Wager’ short film commercials, highlighting the value of taking pleasure in life.

More than a year since the first film, Johnnie Walker Blue Label’s 11-minute long Gentlemen’s Wager II tells the story of Jude Law and Giancarlo Gianini’s bet over a priceless vintage racing car: the Delahaye 135S.

Gentlemens Wager II_scrnshtPubTIC asked Diageo luxury brands marketing manager Andy Morley what the campaign is trying in instil in existing and potential whisky drinkers.

“What two centuries of experience have taught us is that progress doesn’t have to be an endless uphill journey – we can enjoy the steps we take and the more happiness we find in them the more likely we are to achieve our goal,” replied Morley.

“We are championing the idea that no matter how hard you work, no matter what you do and where you go, you will never be satisfied unless you enjoy the path you walk to get there.”

Morley reports the concept will be the lens through which the brand is portrayed in all upcoming marketing, also governing spokespersons and advocates. National brand ambassador Sean Baxter will be the face of the agenda, hosting in-venue whisky immersions, and Diageo will continue to work with all venues through its Bar Academy.

“We know the on-premise is our best environment to introduce people to our whiskies, so we will continue to invest in this through education and drinks experiences,” added Morley.

Boasting some of the best examples in the world, Johnnie Walker will be executing an “exciting shift” toward educating people on the fine art of blending whisky.

“Our history of blending for almost 200 years sets us apart in the market, so we are looking forward to telling those stories,” said Morley.

Along with Gentleman’s Wager II, the new Keep Walking campaign will be supported with TV, digital, outdoor and print advertisements telling stories of influencers finding joy in their journey, as well as Johnnie Walker pop-up experiences.

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