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Stomping Ground has teamed up with Movember to get women involved in the celebrated moustache-twirling antics of the month-long awareness and fund-raising in the name of men’s health.

While Australian men have a lingering reputation for stoicism in the face of health adversity, the common issues of prostate and testicular cancer and mental health affect both men and the women in their lives.

The Movember Foundation suggests many Australian men prefer to ‘tough it out’ and are reluctant to talk about intimate issues. In this, the Foundation recognises the value of time spent with a mate having a beer.

“We know from research that men’s social connections tend to drop off once they hit their 30s,” cites Movember CFDO Charlotte Webb.

“We are looking to engage with men where they are, remind them that it’s good to spend time with their mates and help make change happen sooner, before it’s too late.”

Stomping Ground is the rapidly growing brewery enterprise of Local Taphouse owners Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone, furthering their devotion to the amber stuff in a Collingwood bar-brewery.

Buoyed by recent successes at the Craft Beer Industry Awards, snatching a gold medal for its Gipps St Pale Ale, Stomping Ground determined to donate at least $75,000 to the Movember cause.

The initiative has brought support from Kegstar and Bintani (suppliers of hops and malt) to aid the promotion, and get more sympathetic beer drinkers on board.

And to get the girls involved too, Stomping Ground is supplying pubs that stock the beer with special conversation-starting condoling coasters.

Donating profits of $75 per keg, Stomping Ground will need to sell 1,000 kegs of its award-winning pale ale during November, which they admit is “pretty daunting” for a small brewery.

“We’ve only started selling the Movember kegs in the last two weeks so it’s very early days, but the response so far has indicated unanimous support, which is very encouraging,” Jeffares told PubTIC.

Beyond an excuse to drink tasty beer, Jeffares says they see an alignment with the goal to get more men and women talking about the problems.

“As a brewery we think we can help create some conversations, and we’re very proud to be working with Movember.

“Many of our female friends and customers over the years have loved the Movember concept and were keen to get involved, so our BeerMo initiative with Movember is a fun way for everyone – men and women – to help us raise funds and awareness for Movember’s men’s health issues.”


CLICK HERE for more information or to get involved with the BeerMo and Gipps St Pale Ale Movember.