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Kaine Bayfield is at it again – scaring his own pants off in the name of helping sick children.

The Children’s Cancer Institute is Australia’s only dedicated medical research institute for childhood cancer.

Cancer kills more Australian children each year than any other disease, tolling 950 new diagnoses’ each year.

Among survivors, 70 per cent carry life-long side-effects from their treatment, including infertility, heart disease and even secondary cancers.

Taking time out from running the family hotels, Kaine Bayfield is an avid supporter of the Institute, and serial sucker for the annual Dare the Boss fundraising circus, inciting perfectly healthy people to do something that makes them fear for their life (in a controlled, low-risk kind of way).

Previous years have seen Bayfield bath with snakes, traverse broken glass, and break arrows and wooden boards with body parts not meant for such things.

Finding new ways to scare himself, this year he will brave the extreme elements, with a fire-walk followed by an ice bath.

Kaine Bayfield

“I have agreed to step out of my comfort zone and help raise funds so we can find a cure in honour of these brave kids who face their fear every single day of their treatment,” proclaims Kaine.

The death-defying deeds will take place Friday 1 September, following an intense fundraising pursuit of $5,000 for the Children’s Cancer Institute.

“Kids fighting cancer don’t need miracles, they need medical research.

“With your help, we will find a cure for childhood cancer and end their suffering. It’s not if, it’s when.”


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