In In the Courts by Clyde Mooney

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A man has been sentenced for his role in a fatal punch-up outside the Brook Bar & Bistro last year, after the Danny Green v Anthony Mundine rematch boxing event.

In a hearing last week, WA’s District Court heard there was an altercation at the pub’s exit some hours after the fight, which was dispersed by security.

The aggressors reformed and continued matters in the car park, which defence counsel stated involved Jorveth Hulton and his client, local Balga resident Salvatore Aaron Raimondi, 32 years’ old at the time.

Thirsty-seven-year-old New Zealand-born father of two Diego Hulton, older brother to Jorveth, reportedly went to his brother’s aid, whereby he was punched by Raimondi and fell to the ground, striking his head on the ground, and then kicked by his assailant.

The incident took place late evening on Friday, 3 February 2017. Hulton died the following Tuesday.

Raimondi was charged with ‘causing grievous bodily harm’ against Hulton, and ‘assault occasioning bodily harm’ on another man, alongside a second 32-year-old, was also charged with ‘assault occasioning bodily harm’ to the other man.

Raimondi pleaded guilty to an ‘act that resulted in a person’s life, safety or health being endangered’ before Judge Andrew Stavrianou, who described his actions as “cowardly” and “completely unjustified”.

The defendant served time in 2012 for a separate offence, but Stavrianou gave consideration to a letter of remorse due to be forwarded to the victim’s family, offering that he was taking steps to improve himself and try to raise his children to never use violence. He and his partner have a two-year-old child, with another on the way.

Stavrianou sentenced him to four years four months, with non-parole period of two years four months.

The other man charged on the night will face trial on the lesser charges sometime in 2019.