Australian Venue Co has again demonstrated its dedication to innovation with the launch of its retail media network for partner marketing and promotion, AVC Experience+.

The concept provides access to AVC’s growing national portfolio of 219+ venues, offering the ability to reach up to 15 million consumers annually through curated experiences, encompassing 35 media touchpoints across digital content and tailored promotions.

It leverages AVC’s annual digital customer interactions, of more than 30 million website views, over 365 million organic social impressions, 2.29 million eDM recipients, and north of 100 million impressions on its loyalty app The Pass and digital ordering platform.

The company offers Experience+ as an opportunity for partners in aligned sectors, such as media and communications, cinema, sports and recreation, retail, fashion, travel, and in-home entertainment, where companies can blend their own digital media with in-venue activations, customer experiences and branded assets.

AVC sees a major point of difference in that it helps brands deliver relevant content to consumers at a unique point of culture, while they are socialising.

Experience+ is led and managed by an in-house team, overseen by chief experience officer Marianne Mewett, who says it offers a combination of scale and unprecedented access – for the first time – to the group’s 6 million+ first-party data profiles.

The tailored data can allow companies to optimise campaigns and reach relevant market segments based on their spending, visits, behaviour, interests, products and preferences.

Marianne Mewett

“AVC Experience+ offers something unique: front-row access to an attentive and receptive audience when they are in their cultural and social comfort zone, eager to engage, hyped to explore, and poised to embrace new brand experiences,” says Mewett.

Brands wanting to target particular regions or venue type, such as sports bars, Gen Z hotspot, or family-focused, can reach specific audiences across the country. And campaigns can be integrated with on-site customer experiences, such as feature bars, booth takeovers, venue activations and sampling.

“Picture the visually explosive, powerfully effective strategy of commandeering every AVC outdoor umbrella at a venue, across a state, or even nationwide for a seasonal campaign.”

After years of aggressive growth, AVC’s national portfolio has served as a comprehensive platform on which to base Experience+.

“We are always looking for great pubs in great locations where we can add value; our growth strategy is agnostic to geographic region,” explains Mewett.

“Our scale and geographical footprint is a key value driver for AVC Experience+ and will give us an operational and competitive advantage in the hospitality sector.” 

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