Police in Queensland are investigating the attempted ‘armed’ hold-up of a Brisbane pub, after a man demanded cash and threatened a staffer with a finger-pistol in his jacket.

The weapon-less man entered the ALH-run Pub Lane Tavern just before closing at midnight last Thursday and approached a staff member, who refused to hand over money and told the man to leave.

He was described as around 20 years’ old and wearing a hoodie, sunglasses and with his face covered, which likely came across as slightly suspicious at midnight.

Police report that no weapon was sighted at any stage, no-one was injured, and that their investigations are continuing.

Perhaps without intentional humour, the also report the man fled the scene empty-handed.

The comedic nature of the incident should not detract from the fact that armed hold-ups are becoming more common at licensed premises than ever before.

Man with finger pistol_crp_LR

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