A pub in a Tasmanian tourist town has solved its staffing crisis with a social media post with a twist, calling for “high achieving” workers, or thereabouts.

Late November the Weldborough Hotel posted that it was looking for staff with “proven experience in a high pressure environment, ideally with references from Gordon Ramsay or Heston Blumenthal”.

Weldborough is a town of less than two-dozen people, found on the tourist route between Launceston and Hobart.

In 2016, more than half the town’s residents rallied together to buy the proud old pub, built 1876.

But despite its claim to an idyllic lifestyle, the post went on to admit that this was in fact a desperate effort to keep the business afloat and that they really weren’t that fussy.

Vacant positions were said to include kitchen and front of house staff, and if staff weren’t found by Christmas it could be curtains.  

“Actually, who are we kidding? We are desperate for staff,” it said.

“Police record? Who cares. Drug habit? Join the club. Alcoholic? Don’t get me started.”

“If I can’t find anyone before [Christmas], I won’t have a business after. Please apply ASAP.”

Many businesses, particularly in the tourism and hospitality industries, have continued to struggle with worker shortage since the pandemic.

The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry reports tourism, which includes hospitality, was short close to 78k workers prior to the pandemic, and it is estimated that since March 2020 more than 300k further employees have been lost in the sectors of hospitality, accommodation, events, travel and tourism.

The pub pulled the post last week, with some calling it “unprofessional”.

However, the removal was because it had been flooded with applications. On Monday an update was issued, explaining they had made five job offers to new people, for casual and part-time positions, now boasting a crew of ten, from the area, set to “carry us through” the summer season.

“Well, it seems a recent post has attracted a fair bit of attention,” they said.

The proprietors also addressed people who had criticised their plea, saying “I will take that feedback and raise you the new staff”.

“Rest assured, the pub will be remaining open after [Christmas] and we are all looking forward to continuing to provide great pub meals with friendly (professional) service for a while to come️!

“There are some very good people in this world. Actually, there are some amazingly caring people in this world️. Thank you.”

Image: Facebook
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