In Business & Trade by Clyde Mooney

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Research at venues has confirmed positive results to encouraging more patrons to drink water, including happier staff and no impact on sales.

In early 2017, VicHealth partnered with some Victorian licensees for a trial measuring how much free drinking water patrons consumers, and how to increase that amount.

In Victoria, like most jurisdictions, licensed venues are required by law to provide free drinking water.

The trial found:

  • No negative impact on sales of alcohol or other drinks (even bottled water) from the provision of free drinking water
  • All staff interviewed believed patrons drinking more water brought about a safer and more enjoyable work environment
  • Very few patrons currently drink water at venues
  • Promoting the free water increased average consumption

It was found that operators can increase the uptake and consumption of complimentary water by:

  • Offering water via an attractive dispenser
  • Promoting its availability throughout the premise

For more information, see the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (VCGLR) page on Free Water for Patrons.