Australian pubs may want to crank up the Americana, as the leading travel magazine in the USA just voted Down Under as its ‘Destination of the Year’.

Deemed a great honour, the Condé Nast Traveler (CNT) magazine, which is read by millions of Americans each week, featured a 20-page expose on Australia in its January 2016 ‘Gold List’ edition. The spread paid tribute to Australian style, food and wine, and magnificent natural attractions – all around the mainland and Tasmania.

This edition has been heavily promoted by CNT, including a special event in Sydney with editor in chief, Pilar Guzman.

Tourism Australia reports the timing is ideal, just prior to the launch of its latest global campaign, and lauds that CNT’s readership is closely aligned to its goals.

“This is an influential and hugely respected travel publication, with a readership in the United States of America which closely matches the profile of our own target audience,” said managing director, John O’Sullivan.

American-style trends in food have increased markedly in popularity in recent years, with a number of venues around the country catering to the popularity of ‘dude food’, and US ex-pats and visitors’ yearning to reminisce in home-style atmospheres.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics reports that the USA is currently Australia’s fourth-largest tourism market, with a record number of Americans visitors in the past year.

The American dollar is currently buying $1.45 Australian, which is its highest rate since March 2009.

The Chippendale Hotel's Cheekyburger
The Chippendale Hotel’s Cheekyburger
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