A couple of Aussie blokes have joined the legends in the Guinness book of World Records by having drinks at the most pubs in a 24-hour period.

Eyeing the Guinness World Records accolade, 26-year-olds Harry Kooros and Jake Loiterton broke the Record with a pub crawl to 99 different venues over the course of 24 hours.

The mates attempted it both to raise money for multiple-sclerosis research charity MS Australia, and to help revitalize Sydney’s nightlife.

“We wanted to try to reignite the spark in a declining piece of what makes Sydney so great,” said Kooros.

After several months of planning and research, they began their attempt at midnight. The rules said they were not allowed to use taxis or any form of private transportation, so the later it got the more they walked to reach open pubs.

They had initially planned to have an alcoholic drink at every second pub, alternating with a non-alcoholic drink, but about two hours in, as most venues were closing, Kooros did the big yawn.

Knowing Sydney’s strict laws around intoxication, they quickly reassessed the game plan, “managed to pull it together” and continued.

“We realized we needed to keep from being too inebriated so that we were let into all the pubs.”

When virtually everything was shut, they rested for a few hours until 9am, when some pubs began opening again.

The pair say the pursuit produced numerous challenges, unexpectedly including being turned away from a total of ten establishments not for intoxication, but because they did not want them recording video inside.

Overall, the hardest part was said to have simply been consuming so many beverages.

In the early evening they surpassed the previous record, being 78 pubs in a day, set in 2022 by South African Heinrich de Villiers.

With wind still in the sails, they decided to push on to 100, although a somewhat understandable miscount led them to stop at 99; just shy of the tonne, but still a new record.

In total, the men spent around $1,500 on drinks, and walked a total of 45 kilometres – whilst carrying recording equipment.

“There was a decent amount of fatigue the Sunday after, but it was all great fun and we made some great memories with friends,” said Kooros.

“On top of this, it was great to be able to raise some money for a great charity in MS Australia.”

Images: Guinness World Records
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