A large brawl in a quiet pub on the outskirts of Melbourne has left an innocent teenager fighting for life in hospital.

Patrick Cronin. Photo: Facebook
Patrick Cronin. Photo: Facebook

Victorian Police this morning issued a report announcing that 19-year-old Patrick Cronin is on life support due to injuries sustained at The Windy Mile hotel on Saturday night.

The pub was the scene of a large brawl involving up to 30 people, which spilled out of the building. At some point, a friend of Cronin’s was knocked to the ground. When he tried to help his friend up, he was struck by someone in the back of the head.

Cronin and friends left the premises and made their way to a nearby house, where he reported feeling unwell. He collapsed there, around two hours after the incident, and paramedics were called at 1:18 am.

A spokesperson for Ambulance Victoria reported he had sustained a head injury, and was taken to Royal Melbourne Hospital in critical condition.

“Homicide squad detectives are investigating the circumstances surrounding the incident and how the man sustained the injury,” relayed a police spokesperson.

The pub remained closed on Sunday while police investigated, with crime scene tape cordoning off parts of the area. Neighbours reported hearing a lot of noise, and on Sunday seeing blood on the ground and broken glass strewn around.

The Windy Mile pub is located in the outer Melbourne suburb of Diamond Creek, and has only been in operation since 2014. PubTIC was unable to make contact with the hotel prior to this publication.

Cronin was at the hotel celebrating his first rugby match playing for Lower Plenty Football Club, which took place earlier that day. It was the first match he had played with his older brother, Lucas. Although they lost the game, spirits were high amongst the close community as they celebrated on Saturday night.

“Patrick’s never been in a fight in his life … he’s not that kind of kid,” said club President Grant Barden.

“He’s tried to drag his friend out of the fight, but then someone’s come up behind him. We heard he was king-hit. That’s all we know.”


Note: Victoria Police had earlier released an incorrect report that Patrick Cronin had died. This was superseded and an apology issued for the error.

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