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Tabcorp’s strategy to move with the digital times and secure the future of gaming reports a refined solution and growing results.

The Digital Commissions model for pubs is the company’s solution for the rising influence of mobile phone betting in Australia.

Under the scheme, venues take a cut of the commission on bets placed on smartphones from on the premises. The tweaked model uses GPS technology to correctly identify the hotel where the patron placed the bet.

This kind of digital betting currently represents three per cent of Tabcorp’s total retail turnover, but this is growing and some venues already report figures as high as nine per cent.

The scheme’s first six months, to 30 April, saw $100m of online bets channelled through venues.

Beyond the relentless influx of technology to everyday life, connectivity and smart devices are second-nature to the generation of millennials entering consumer society. Technology that embraces rather than shuns the mindset is essential if the relationship between hospitality and casual betting is to continue.

And with the vast majority of Australian adults now carrying a smartphone, the system serves as natural surge capacity during busy events, when the TAB service or kiosk may not be keeping up with demand.

David Attenborough, CEO

Tabcorp CEO David Attenborough says the results have been positive for the company’s strategy to take its traditional bricks & mortar presence in TABs and pubs to the next generation.

“We’re pleased with the rollout of our digital commissions program and are happy that our venue partners are benefiting from bets placed via the TAB app in their venues.”