At least one British venue is reviving the near-forgotten practise of public purging, with specialised flushing vomit sinks installed into its toilets.

Drawing on the tradition of spittoons – the usually brass receptacle commonly found in the early 20th century, into which chewing tobacco enthusiasts and victims of tuberculosis would spit – the sinks allow nightclub patrons to relieve themselves orally before continuing to drink.

Spew sink_webFeaturing dedicated handholds, a generous, round bowl with flushing water to help reduce odour, and basic instructions for beginners, the devices are apparently not uncommon in parts of Europe.

The liberal provision of such dedicated binge drinking equipment is apparently legal, and not especially remarkable in European media, inciting only mild disdain.

At least one comment on Reddit called it ethically questionable, and promoting a “culture of overconsumption”, but to date no reports have emerged on licensing police converging on the venue.

The news follows recent revelations that staff in British pubs are part of an underground society, paid to deceive patrons’ spouses.



The introduction and public use of spittoons was considered an advancement in public manners and hygiene, replacing the previously common practise of spitting on floors, streets, and sidewalks.

A popular expression at the time was:

If you expect to rate as a gentleman

Do not expectorate on the floor

Young skinny girl suffering from bulimia vomiting in the bathroom
Young skinny girl suffering from bulimia vomiting in the bathroom
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