The Australian Cinema & Entertainment Network is kick-starting its expansion into the pub industry with The AUSSCAs ‘crowd-powered short film tournament’.

The traditional cinema model is under pressure from increased availability of entertainment and piracy, but going to the cinema remains a very popular activity for a large percentage of Australians (see below).

The Australian Cinema & Entertainment Network (AUSCEN) provides cost-effective movie content for venues to offer cinema-style experiences for patrons, and take advantage of shifting consumer preferences.

The AUSSCAs (Australian Shortfilm Creativity Awards) is a pay-per-view mid-week event offering screenings of original art-house content, coupled with a voting system for patrons to rate and engage with the films, and backed by AUSCEN’s support and social media.

Short films are a popular style of entertainment that traditionally attracts both niche markets and groups.

Voting for the films can only occur at the exhibitor locations, at the time of screening. The competition taking place over five weeks, beginning in August. A limited number of pubs can be partner venues, and registrations are now open.

Patrons pay a $5 cover charge to download the AUSSCA app and participate. A percentage of the admission takings is dispersed to reward the filmmakers and support the continued development of the industry.

AUSCEN also provides a wide array of more conventional movie content for venues to charge admission. Globally, the trend has begun to offer cinema patrons the enhanced attraction of food and beverages beyond choc-tops and popcorn, but the structure of cinemas and their lack of commercial kitchens makes the ‘in-cinema dining experience’ an expensive offering.

However, developments and price competition in digital cinema equipment have made it cost-effective for existing food & bev establishments to convert underutilised space into mini-cinemas.

Until now AUSCEN has mostly brought its ‘Moovibar’ mini-cinemas service to the Club sector, but the changing marketplace has made these suitable for pubs too. The service includes all facets of the cinema experience including movie management, and AUSCEN offers it with finance or lease-back options.

“Transforming an area to form a Moovibar means that more people and significantly niche market groups will be attracted to the venue – and more often,” director Gary Patterson told PubTIC.

“It creates a key new ‘anchor attraction’, driving venue differentiation and augmenting a venue’s competitive market position.”

New revenue streams of ticketing and on-screen advertising are created, and history shows that patrons stay longer when attending movie screenings, especially those shown around meal times.

To screen latest-release movies, venues must become ‘DCI Compliant’ – which requires a professional grade projector and sound system, and tiered seating.

AUSCEN says this set-up can be retro-fitted to a low-yield area of the venue for around $100,000 (including the projector). Screenings can take place throughout every day, every day of the week, to quickly return the cost of investment.

For more information contact Gary Patterson

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The AUSSCA’s – Australia’s first crowd-powered short film festival from AUSSCA on Vimeo.

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