In Drinks Spirits by Clyde Mooney

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The battle of the brands in vodka has spawned a brilliantly cheeky new campaign by stalwart Absolut, taking the purity of the spirit to new frozen Swedish heights in naturalism.

In a shameless yet hilarious and self-deprecating stab at themselves, Absolut has released a short video (below) presented as an employee induction film, where the entire nature-loving cast, employees and suppliers, are unselfconsciously buck naked (bar footwear).

Vodka is by definition one of the purest of spirits, given it must be distilled until almost pure alcohol, before water is added to bring it to the desired ABV.

The Swedish host of the video alludes to both the “countless” times Absolut is distilled, and the superiority of Swedish water.

In a category where brand differentiation is far more about brand character than material characteristics, a likely-to-go-viral pun on itself is absolutely what any vodka needs.