Redcape Hotel Group and management of the Eastwood Hotel are taking Ryde Council to court over denied plans to build a new adjacent hotel.

The Eastwood is a prominent corner landmark of the western Sydney suburb, and the Group submitted plans to construct a new $7 million venue to be known as the Red Lantern Hotel in the Eastwood’s carpark.

Red Lantern was proposed to house a pub, gaming machines and a Korean dumpling bar at ground level, with three levels of car parking above.

Ryde Council unanimously refused the development, citing inadequate parking for the area, and a lack of information about gaming machines and dining areas.

Council also cited police concerns about the number of venues in the area, which incorporated chef Heather Jeong’s yet to be built Korean restaurant ‘Moko – Heather’s Kitchen’, approved last year.

Acting crime manager Ranald Urquhart was quoted in the Daily Telegraph on the proposal, citing a perceived link between venue numbers and violence.

“Police are concerned that a concentration of licensed premises will result in an increase in local alcohol-related crime in what has been traditionally a very safe place.”

But Redcape CEO John Russell told PubTIC the company “takes a strategic and disciplined approach” to such developments, and has enjoyed a long and safe history within the community.

“Redcape is continuing to work closely with key stakeholders in this process to ensure the successful resolution of any concerns raised. We remain satisfied that the detail submitted sufficiently addresses these, and we will continue to work through these matters in the Land and Environment Court.

“With two licensed premises in the area currently, Redcape have a deep understanding of the needs of the local Eastwood community. This application will ensure the continued focus on delivering venues that are diverse in offering and are at the heart of their local communities.”



The BOCSAR online crime statistics calculator reports that throughout 2015 NSW maintained a “steady” rate or 419.9 non-domestic assaults (the category that includes alcohol-related violence) per 100,000 people.

BOCSAR reports that during the same period, Eastwood also had a “steady” rate, of just 218.2 per 100,000 people.

Eastwood Hotel
Eastwood Hotel
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