Diageo has released more industry resources through its US$100 million ‘Raise the Bar’ support program, tapping a global knowledge base in aid of all licensed venues.

The Raise the Bar program counts $11.5 million allocated to Australian operators. The program is available to any licensed venue in the country, regional or metro, regardless of whether they stock Diageo products or not.

It offers a range of options, including: free access to digital training and practical support through Diageo Bar Academy; physical equipment for venues, such as hygiene kits, contactless mobile device platforms and outdoor equipment; business tools, such as the profitability calculator.

The program’s latest content bulletin presented a webinar on boosting a bar’s performance, a training video on profitability (below), and a podcast on team management.

Training videos are conducted through Diageo Bar Academy and hosted by Sean Finter, founder and CEO of Barmetrix. They offer guidance on topics based in, for example, leadership in a crisis, best practices for communication with staff, forecasting budgets, and staying agile and adapting to evolving circumstances.

This edition’s “Bitesize Session”, dubbed Profitability 101, discusses crucial hospitality elements of Product, Staff capabilities, Peak hours, and Measure for success, and outlines the key factors that matter to a guest to optimise chances of return visits.

It explains the 80/20 principle, where 80 per cent of revenue is produced during the top 20 per cent of operation, and the “Silent Killers” in hospitality of Opportunity Cost, Inconsistency and Waste.

“This is a difficult time we find ourselves in, and I think this is exactly what we need to be doing – people from all over the world, all parts of the industry, getting together to say ‘Ok, this is where we’re at, let’s figure out our choices and options and find out how to move forward’,” says Finter. 

Further information and resources at Diageo Bar Academy.

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