Just as it has revolutionised the taxi and accommodation industries, technology is rapidly changing the way and efficiency with which employers and job-seekers meet.

Research by tech-based employment service Workible shows hospitality is one of the most sought-after and devoted industries for today’s workers, many of whom seek flexibility and opportunity for advancement in customer-focused roles. (continues below)

Job Demand-July2016The advent of online employment technology sees the vast majority of these predominantly tech-savvy job-seekers able to search for opportunities around the globe from their couch or smart-phone. The aggregation of job information is both a blessing and a curse, as an increasingly diverse workforce is exposed to such a potentially enormous feed of available jobs.

The resulting ease of reaching large numbers of job-seekers is mitigated by the ease with which unsuitable candidates can apply, creating a quantity over quality dynamic for employers. This can be advantageous for some sectors, but is a drain on resources for most.

Workible director Alli Baker told PubTIC there are new skills emerging in the battle to find staff in the digital marketplace.

Alli Baker
Alli Baker

“There’s no one central place people of an industry can really go to connect, because the market is fragmented,” says Baker. “Job-seekers use key words and an enticing introduction to find the kind of jobs that would like.

“Plenty of people want the flexibility that the pub industry can offer, so if smart employers address key concerns and ‘sell’ the opportunity to work with them to job seekers, that’s a big step forward.”

Workible cite some of the increasingly common trends by job seekers as:

  • Online research on the potential employer and its products
  • Familiarity with key business aspects, such as identifying opportunities for business growth and advancement, and professional management
  • Dedication to sectors, due to their synergy with core ideals. In hospitality this is commonly customer service and a dynamic workplace

“I have 17 years’ experience working in hospitality, and a solid commitment to this exciting industry,” said one applicant.

“I know I can assist with innovative ideas, resulting in the growth and success your business richly deserves,” said another.

“I want to develop a long-term relationship with an ethical and dynamic company.”

Baker says the influx of technology to the jobs market shapes much of the potential employee’s approach, and businesses would do well to include positives about themselves in advertisements for vacant positions.

“For instance, one job seeker says they’re looking for a job with a pub or restaurant, and targets certain employers ‘Because I believe they are a good company to work for and are growing as a business, meaning more work’. This highlights job-seeker concern about underemployment.

“The availability of online job ads means employers need to fine-tune their own approach to cut down on their ads reaching the wrong applicants, and the wrong applicants subsequently reaching them.”

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