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A Perth pub is unabashedly spurning the great bedraggled, but issued an apology when a local rag attempted to lampoon its seemingly pretentious dress code. (below)

The Northshore Tavern in Hillarys has sported its strict and somewhat specific requirements for patron dress in the bistro for several years.

The hotel has recently undergone a refurbishment, and advises a new dress code will be posted shortly.

But the Bell Tower Times recently posted a photo of the hotel’s somewhat detailed existing clothing requirements on social media, with mixed reactions.

Image: Facebook

“No Bogons” would have been cheaper and more succinct, offered one.

“Pull-start for a f*wit” commentated another on the bias against “Rats tails” and other dubious hairstyles.

Under pressure to explain itself, management issued a solemn statement to the Daily Mail Australia.

“[We] wish to make a sincere apology to all persons affected by the incorrect grammatical use of an apostrophe in the word ‘tattoos’ in the dress code.

“All efforts are being made to correct the signage and we appreciate your patience. Counselling is not available at this time.”