Patron bans in WA herald improved personal accountability

The diligence of the West Australian Department of Racing, Gaming and Liquor has seen an increase in pub patron barring notices and “improved behaviour of patrons in licensed premises”.

The WA DRGL reported that efforts to crack down on alcohol-fuelled antisocial behaviour in venues had resulted in a 30 per cent increase in patrons being issued notices in FY14. FY13 had already witnessed an increase of 70 per cent over the previous year.

The orders allow police to ban patrons from pubs and clubs for up to a year, and The West Australian reports one recipient later sent a letter to police citing the measure as an “excellent opportunity” to avoid “self-destruction”.

Supt Jim Migro says the bans will continue for those that misbehave.

“The merit of barring notices is being embraced by police and we are now seeing its value with improved behaviour of patrons in licensed premises,” said Migro.

“Less than a dozen people have received a second barring notice, which I believe shows they make people behave.”

The WA DRGL offers a guide for hospitality workers to “Identifying the Signs of Intoxication”.



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