Australia’s Redoak Brewery tops international beer competition again

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In September the International Beer Challenge took place for the 18th time, awarding its top honour for the second consecutive year to Australian family-owned brewery Redoak.

The International Beer Challenge (IBC) attracts 550 beers from 30 countries and prides itself on ‘rewarding quality, celebrating excellence’.

Gold, silver and bronze awards are presented across the seven categories, with the highest scoring beer in each receiving a category trophy. These are then judged against each other to determine the Supreme Champion, which Redoak this year won for its Chateau Sour.

Redoak’s master brewer, David Hollyoak, adds this to his trophy cabinet, already containing 12 international beer awards from the past 12 months alone.

Hollyoak says he was “stoked” about the win for his Flanders red ale Chateau Sour – a sour beer best distinguished by its use of wild yeast, which makes the fermentation process “unpredictable yet magical”.

Flanders is a regional Flemish style of sour beers, which are gaining popularity in Australia. Brewed here using Chateau malts from one of Belgium’s oldest malting companies, the makers describe it as “a world experience in a glass” that will tempt even devout wine drinkers.

[In 2013 Redoak Brewery was awarded Supreme Champion for its Special Reserve.]

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