Ministers from around the country have determined that foodservice in pubs, cafes and restaurants will soon be required to specify the origin of their seafood.

Consumer and Business Affairs Ministers from around Australia assembled last week, and voted unanimously to proceed with the new Australian consumer rules, which dictates consumers will be able to tell from the menu if an item is Australian seafood or if its imported.

The model chosen specifies the labels of Australian, imported or mixed, and does not require a specific country of origin, making it somewhat easier for venues to manage.

Some higher-end seafood restaurants already indicate origin, but now the practise will be across the board.

Hospitality venues will have 12 months to phase in the new system, with the only push-back against the motion being the costs associated with compliance and updating menus.

It is a move seen as “fantastic” for the local seafood industry, which has been advocating for the measure for more than 20 years, and in line with people wanting to support local.

Compliance will be monitored by both Federal and state consumer affairs authorities, and penalties will apply for non-compliant venues.

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