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Australia’s largest independent on-premise drinks specialist has launched Menu Maker – leveraging brand knowledge and technology to provide more to venue clients than mere supply.

100-Proof launched in July; a collaboration of independent wholesalers Paramount Liquor, Liquid Mix, and Liquid Specialty Beverages.

Recognising the dominance of off-premise in liquor wholesale in Australia, the venture incorporates more than reliable supply, offering clients help to build beverage lists, access real-time product data and plan promotions and events.

The next stage of the business is the now-launched Menu Maker – an all-in-one tool for licensed venue operators. Featuring every single product that’s licensed in Australia, it can help build a complete menu from a range of suppliers in one session with a rep, even incorporating less common boutique suppliers.

Speaking with PubTIC, 100-Proof GM Duncan Baldwin says Menu Maker is illustrative of their approach to market, bringing knowledge and insight to supply.

“It enables people to have services at their fingertips that they currently have to work hard to get, or pay for,” says Baldwin.

“We work with all suppliers, not just select ones, to bring insights together. This is all captured on the tool kit our sales guys have.

“They can offer an emphasis on what’s on trend, making sure a hotel has the right relevant brands and the ranges are the right level for the outlet; is the venue mainstream or contemporary, and what is the range for that.”

As well as helping determine what whites, what reds and how many, the number of craft beers and whether bottle or draught, UK-born Baldwin says 100-Proof aims to bring the supplier insights from sales to actual use.

“Selling product into a venue is not enough, as far as we are concerned. The rep should be engaging with product brand managers to do activations and sell out. If it just sits on the shelf it doesn’t help the client’s GP or cash flow.

“Venues in Australia are as good as anywhere internationally. But with higher wages and costs, what we as an industry have to strive for is a service proposition that matches that.

“Rather than be just a box-mover, we want to create more margin, drive more footfall and deliver better business for our clients.”

100-Proof will soon release its wine compendium in print and digital, which Baldwin says is one of a number of further aspects to the company scheduled for rollout in the coming year.

“We’re trying to find initiatives for people that want to grow their business but need support,” he explains. “We want to be the ultimate one-stop solution for on-premise.”


100Proof directors L-R: Duncan Baldwin (GM), Ben Murphy (Liquid Mix), Leigh Rowe (Paramount Liquor), Mark Rowe (Paramount Liquor), Paul Murphy (Liquid Mix), Darren Terlich (Liquid Specialty Beverages), Sean Murphy (Liquid Mix), Nathan Rowe (Paramount Liquor)