Following Tuesday’s release of the much-anticipated Callinan Review, Sydneysiders are coming together in a massive rally 9 October to demand government Keep Sydney Open.

In February, as the Review into Sydney’s ‘lockout’ licensing laws geared up, over 15,000 people gathered on the streets of Sydney to protest the laws that are quashing Sydney’s night-time vibrancy.

Keep Sydney Open rally, February 2016
Keep Sydney Open rally, February 2016

Prominent action group Keep Sydney Open, which organised the February rally, has embraced admission in the Review by Hon. Ian Callinan AC QC that the vibrancy and economy of Sydney has been damaged by the raft of laws.

“It’s good to finally hear what Sydneysiders have already known for a long time, that these laws are putting Sydney’s reputation as a dynamic, international city at risk,” said Keep Sydney Open’s Tyson Koh.

“We shouldn’t have to settle for lock-them-up-and-throw-away-the-key policy solutions, when only an hour’s flight away Melbourne has created a safe and dynamic nightlife with a cool-headed smart policy.”

Keep Sydney Open has announced Rally 2, to take place 9 October.

Launched Wednesday evening (14 Sep), 4,273 people have already confirmed they will be attending. A further 23,000 invitees are pending.

“With each passing day the lockouts are in place, Sydney’s cultural life is damaged, small businesses are jeopardised and our internationally recognised artistic talent is finding it harder to be paid for their work,” added Koh.

“A thirty-minute extension misses the point – that Sydney wants policy that encourages safe and vibrant nightlife at any time. We will work with the government and relevant stakeholders in any way we can to improve the living standard of all Sydneysiders.

“Major cities around the world can do it, and we can too.”


Publicans are being urged to share the Rally event announcement on their social media, and encourage patrons to join the cause to change the laws. PubTIC has conversed with a number of hoteliers, who confirm they will be attending and supporting the rally to help restore Sydney’s nightlife.


Keep Sydney Open endorses:

  • lifting of the 1:30am lockout
  • lifting of 3:00am cease of service
  • takeaway liquor sales to return to midnight
  • removal of the freeze of liquor licence applications in inner-city entertainment districts


Keep Sydney Open calls for evidence-based policy, including but limited to:

  • Developing best-practice policing strategies
  • Investing in 24/7 public transport
  • Implementing integrated urban planning reform
  • Encouraging diversification of after-dark activities
  • Establishing anti-violence education & intervention campaigns
  • Incentivising well-run venues
  • Appointing a Night Mayor or similar
Keep Sydney Open rally
Keep Sydney Open rally
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