Annual statistics released last week show the success of work by Safe Night Precincts and police in dramatically reducing alcohol-related violence.

The Queensland Police Service’s annual statistics reveal an impressive nine per cent drop in assaults across Safe Night Precincts across the State.

Within Brisbane figures are even better, with drops of 15.6 per cent in Fortitude Valley, 18.4 per cent in the CBD, and 23.8 per cent in Caxton Street.

Representing staff and business owners of licensed premises in the Sunshine State, Our Nightlife Queensland (ONQ) secretary, Nick Braban, says local solutions for local problems was key.

“Today we have seen evidence that the efforts of local communities in Brisbane have again paid dividends in eliminating violence from our streets.

“These results could not have been achieved without the engagement of local business and community stakeholders with the QPS, and show the effect locally supported policies can have in local areas.”

Queensland hospitality venues are currently under the cloud of potential trading restrictions currently under consideration by the Government, including 1am lockouts, 3am closing and drink restrictions after midnight.

Citing the fallout seen in other areas that have gone done this path, ONQ is pleading for an evidence-based approach.

“We want to work together on this important issue; safety is our number one priority too.

“But shutting down the industry, costing thousands of jobs, is not the answer.

“Assault rates this low are still not being seen in places like Sydney and Newcastle, despite harsh trading hour restrictions. We have got it right in Queensland, and we should keep doing what has worked for our State over the past ten years.

“There are a range of options the government could consider that would help achieve the outcomes they want, while also protecting the jobs of tens of thousands of people who work in the industry.”

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