Quantaco has released its Industry Insights report for FY23, offering analysis and key metrics for the industry across sales, gaming, and wages.

Comparing benchmarks of FY22 with FY23, the report offers an overview of key hospitality trends, including a review of sales trends, valuations and yields, insurance and risk – particularly ISR and liability insurance, and a summary on the debt market considering the impact of interest rates on the availability of funding.

Servicing over 800 hospitality venues across Australia, Quantaco boasts over a decade of experience, combining bespoke technology and hospitality-focused expertise. Its oversight across swathes of the Australian hospitality industry‘s financial performance allows it to leverage data for analysis.

Metrics in the report are based on the median aggregator, not the average, being a better midpoint measure than averages, where outliers can significantly skew the outcome.

Key findings from the report were:

  • Revenue has increased eight per cent across all classes of sale (food, beverage, gaming, retail and accommodation)
  • Sales from food increased 14 per cent; December was the peak month, followed by April
  • Beverage sales increased less, at seven per cent, similarly peaking in December, followed closely by September
  • Gaming turnover increased by nine per cent, the highest month being July, followed by May
  • Wages as a percentage of sales (excluding on costs) did not increase during the period, still accounting for 19 per cent of sales

The report is free to download.

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