In Security by Clyde Mooney

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Damning footage has emerged of a security guard assaulting and choking a teenager in an unprovoked and potentially dangerous attack.

19-year-old Josh Little was with friends at a Coffs Harbour local hotel celebrating St Patrick’s day festivities (19 March). At some point, he was evicted from the hotel by security.

The phone-camera footage released on social media and shown on major news networks (see below) showed Little stepping toward one security guard, reportedly questioning why he was thrown out.

The teen is standing a little unsteady and in what appears to be a defensive position, when the guard suddenly strikes him to the throat with his right hand, then punches him to the face with the other.

The younger man recoils but stays on his feet, the guard is then joined by another guard. The pair attempt to restrain him, including choking him in a headlock while his friends can be heard screaming objections to the treatment.

Clearly riled, the intoxicated man is seen coming back at the guards several times, swearing at them for hitting him.

It has not been reported what Little initially said to the guard nor what he did to be removed from the pub in the first place, but he and supporters are calling for the guard’s sacking – adamant the man has a history of violence and does not have the temperament for the job.

PubTIC contacted the hotel in question for further information or comment, but a representative was not available in time for publication.