In Social Media by Clyde Mooney

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As punters battle to beat the summer heat across the country, two Adelaide pranksters have taken to an innovative new form of car-pooling to stay cool as they drive to the pub.

Employees of Keith McCullum’s Lonsdale Hotel watched as a uniquely modified Laser pulled into the drive-through bottleshop lane, carrying three men, bobbing around in a cabin filled with water.

Bottleshop attendee Tony reports it was a stinking hot day and the group – being followed by a second car, filming the stunt – bought stubbies of beer before heading off again.

“Everything was functioning – the brakes, steering … pretty impressive bit of engineering. It was awesome, actually.” 

Two of the goggle-wearing occupants were recognised as Adelaide-based YouTube stars RackRacka – twin brothers with a popular channel and millions of subscribers.

The footage is believed to be part of an upcoming release by the brothers.

The lack of existing road rules around this scenario leaves local police a little unsure what to make of the car-pool, but suggest driving it on the road would be “irresponsible and dangerous” – independent of consumption of the stubbies.