Pioneering Australian gin brand Seven Seasons has teamed up with Solotel and venues around the country, pouring its top-shelf Green Ant Gin.  

Barangaroo House’s Rekōdo Bar recently hosted an event introducing the Green Ant Gin Martini, in celebration of Australian Gin week, 14-20 November.

Featuring the bespoke martini, made by award-winning bartender Jai Lyons using the intriguing Green Ant Gin, the intimate event was hosted by AFL stars Daniel and Steven Motlop, along with other celebrity guests.

The night kicked off a month-long celebration at Rekōdo based around the Martini, and a specially constructed snack menu infused “with the rich history and flavours of Australian flora” by Solotel’s head chef Michael Dabbs. Tailored to pair with the cocktail, it includes a $14 Steak tartare temaki with koji, finger lime dressing, and a green ant garnish.

At the heart of the matter is the Green Ant Gin, which showcases green ants – a traditional food of Darwin’s Larrakia people – exuding vibrant flavours of coriander and lime, delivering a burst of citrus on the palate with each sip.

The base is enhanced by a harmonious blend of botanicals, such as strawberry gum, boobialla, lemon myrtle and pepper berry, making it an ideal level of ‘brightness’ for a martini.

Seven Seasons was founded by former AFL legend and indigenous food entrepreneur Daniel Motlop.

The distillery anchors on the seven seasons of Larrakia county, around Darwin. Guided by nature’s clock and respecting the lore of the land, the brand is officially approved to harvest more than three tonnes of authentic Australian native ingredients annually, through sustainable practices, which are transformed into uniquely refreshing spirits.

Local harvesters are engaged, and a market has been created for the products, generating local employment and economic benefit.

The Green Ant Gin Martini will be gracing 50 of Australia’s top venues, such as the Harbord Hotel and West Hotel in NSW, Vue de Monde and Sunda in Victoria, Sasso Italiano and Rosellas Bar in Queensland, and Sofitel and Fleet Street Social in South Australia.


Ingredients: Green ant Gin (50mL), Noily pratt (15mL), Chamomile And Lemon Myrtle cordial (10mL), Pepperberry tincture (2.5mL).

Method: Put all Ingredients in a mixing glass with ice and stir. Once stirred down strain into a nick and nora glass. Garnish with a makrut lime leaf and green ants. 

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