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Local Area Marketing gurus Ian Jackson and Dan Regan have launched WhatWorxs, bringing advanced automation to marketing activities for pub groups.

WhatWorxs is a secure cloud-based portal that automates routine marketing activities. It allows a head office and multiple sites to share, create and distribute marketing materials across the entire mix of applications. It stores a library of images and templates, which can be edited, allowing access to relevant assets by specific parties.

The Australian founders boast a collective 50+ years’ experience in Local Area Marketing (LAM), and having spent years working with multinationals such as Cisco, Oracle and Volkswagen, their company Chameleon Group has now launched the specialty LAM product.

“Over the last decade we’ve been developing channel support white label solutions for organisations.

“We realised that two of the biggest challenges for many organisations with channel partners are ensuring brand compliance and sustaining cost-effective ongoing Local Area Marketing activities and campaigns.”

Jackson and Regan report group marketing resources face a combination of: increased competition and market complexity, rapidly changing markets, and evolving communication channels. The LAM mix increasingly needs to include social media, search and digital display activities.

These challenges are often exacerbated by diminishing budgets, brand and regulatory compliance, and the involvement of multiple stakeholders.

Businesses relying on local patronage increasingly rely on effective LAM to continually attract and retain customer base, and Jackson suggests that an excess of hours are spent implementing things better managed through automation.

The WhatWorxs system is easily tailored to work with existing technologies, and requires no IT integration.

“For organisations that struggle with consistently evolving, sustaining and implementing Local Area Marketing activities there is usually a disconnect between the application of marketing resources and the organisation’s business objectives,” notes Jackson.

“No two client sites are the same, as sites are customised for the unique requirements of each pub.”

WhatWorxs is offered via monthly access fee, after initial set-up, providing fast ROI through time-saving.