In Industry News by Clyde Mooney

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A fire at the famous Woolshed Pub in Melbourne’s Docklands has closed the business indefinitely, as operators assess the severely damaged building.

On Friday afternoon around 3pm smoke was spotted coming from the roof of the hotel. Emergency services were called, and arrived to find the waterfront structure well ablaze.

woolshed-pub_promo-poster_fbIt took two hours to bring the fire under control, with 16 trucks attending. During the efforts, asbestos was discovered in the roof, adding the complication of contamination to the surrounding area.

Nearly 60 firefighters with breathing equipment fought the blaze from inside the building and a teleboom hosed the fire and asbestos from above.

A spokesperson from MFB (Melbourne Fire Brigade) said the asbestos would pose no danger to the public.

Witnesses reported huge plumes of smoke, and what appeared to be serious damage to the building from both the fire and water.

The proprietors issued a solemn update on Facebook the same afternoon.

“You may have heard there has been a disruption at Central Pier with a fire at The Woolshed Pub this afternoon.

“All of our patrons and staff are safe. Thank you for all your well wishes – we are very grateful.”

PubTIC was told today an initial inspection had not revealed good news, but the Pub’s immediate future is yet to be determined.