Pubs throughout Sydney LGA are on notice as Council investigates the legality of the ever-present VIP Lounge signs promoting gaming rooms.

The SMH reported how council began inspections of the “euphemistic” signage for VIPs at several hotels in the vicinity of Oxford St following a complaint by a local, seemingly VIP resident.

A response letter to the resident was cited, suggesting the investigations had found most of the signs had probably been fitted “without consent”.

Andrew Thomas, executive manager for planning and development at Sydney council, was quoted as suggesting council would not likely have approved the signs had the operators submitted the relevant DA.

Council is understood to be reviewing signage outside all gaming rooms in the area, according to Thomas, and the local government body “will take action as required”.

The rules around signage and advertising in Sydney deny the use of “excessive or special illumination” systems to promote a business, and discourage the use of animated signs, typified by flashing or sequenced effects.

A DA may be required for signs, depending on their size, style and location. Investigations will consider their compliance with development controls, and impacts on planning and heritage.

The crackdown is in line with a pre-election push to rein in gaming venues, finding support by both major parties.

Since the news earlier this month, no operators have yet confirmed to PubTIC further steps by council to deny or remove VIP signs.

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