The Children’s Cancer Institute is again scaring the crap out of publicans, encouraging pub workers and patrons to ‘Dare the Boss’ to face their greatest fear.

Back after its frightfully successful debut in 2015, the program began this month ahead of International Childhood Cancer Awareness month in September. It encourages employers to empathise with the plight of the frightened 950 children and adolescents diagnosed with cancer in Australia each year by “stepping out of their comfort zones” and facing their own worst fear to raise funds for research.

This could involve swimming with sharks, sky diving or simply having their head shaved. Or getting into a tub full of snakes, like Kaine Bayfield found himself doing last year (pictured).

Kaine Bayfield
Kaine Bayfield

The Bayfields are official benefactors and have been strong supporters of the Children’s Cancer Institute for the past 15 years, raising nearly $2.5 million in the quest for a cure for cancer.

Kaine reported the utilitarian benefits of his snake bath, bringing great team and customer engagement via a “cause-related marketing initiative” as he endeavoured to not soil his pants.

Wide-eyed onlookers gathered as the required reptiles were wrapped around him. His efforts earned him respect and the attentions of media, and the right to ‘Double-Dare’ three of his managers to join him in the cause this year.

Childhood cancer claims the life of nearly three children each week in Australia.

The Children’s Cancer Institute is the only independent medical research institute in Australia wholly dedicated to childhood cancer, and every dollar from Government and grants must be matched by a dollar raised by the community.

“Every day children with cancer face their worst fears,” says Children’s Cancer Institute’s head of fundraising, Anne Johnston.

“Dare the Boss is an opportunity for executives around Australia to help cure every child of cancer by accepting the challenge to conquer their own fears. The campaign enables teams to work together creatively and bond over a common cause.”

Registrations are open, ahead of the main fundraising activity in September. Dares can take place up to the end of October.


Will you do a dare OR dare your boss?

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