Breaking news: More craft beers for hipsters

Mark Leonard, veteran Australian filmmaker and avid critique of any given thing at Sydney’s Harold Park Hotel, has invested a moment’s talent into collating a list of the hippest and trendiest taste sensations dreamed up in brewing laboratories for socially enthusiastic would-be beer drinkers.

Following up on our industry-first insight on the topic last Friday, we now bring you the remaining sensations on the list of craft beers for hipsters

#6: Very (very) pale ale – Emo Brewing, Newtown NSW

Surprisingly dark and moody. Best avoided altogether

#7: Rum, sodomy and The Lash – Hussars Brewery, Sandhurst UK

A dark red India Pale Ale, with curried undertones. Best taken in the company of Old Etonian boys, a sturdy vindaloo and with supplicant coolies on-hand (ideally in Mumbai and out of sight of the wife)

#8: Landing Strip – Brazilian Brewing Company, Sao Paulo Brazil

Following hard on the heels of its globe-trending Bikini Wax Pale Ale comes this golden Pilsener-style beer sure to appear on the beaches this summer. A little aromatic if not sufficiently chilled, but definitely worth a try.

#9: Barstool (extremely) bright ale – Muscle Brewing, Camperdown NSW

A hit at last year’s mardi gras, with fruity undertones and an amyl-reminiscent nose. Best appreciated with a little spray-tan, and Abba played at a volume prohibiting conversation.

#10: Microbiologist’s Concoction authentiqué Honduran ale – Scientists in Overalls Brewery, Somewhere USA

A heady top-down specialty ale made predominantly from pottery fragments and according to a five-thousand-year-old South American recipe found under a pyramid, it is not always to everyone’s tastes. But the dedicated former lab-rats at SOB insist it is the indisputable way beer is supposed to be. Hipsters from around the country are reportedly wearing a pilgrimage path to the brewery.


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