ALH and a former Wiggle have teamed up to save lives through the rollout of defibrillators in more than 350 hotels across the country.

This week Endeavour Group, parent company to Australian Leisure & Hospitality (ALH), announced a new partnership with former yellow Wiggle Greg Page and his charity Heart of the Nation to install Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) across the ALH network.

Together they plan to improve the visibility of AEDs and thereby increase survival rates of cardiac arrest, through rapid access to the life-saving devices.

The initiative is a proactive step toward ensuring the pubs are prepared to respond effectively to someone suffering a cardiac arrest, and head of Endeavour Build Paul Burrows says this is an “important part of the group’s responsibility” as a hospitality provider.

“We believe that by having these devices readily available, we are better placed to respond in critical situations.”

Greg Page

AEDs are very easy to use, allowing an untrained person to respond quickly and effectively by simply turning it on. The machine will read the patient’s heart rhythm and instruct the user what to do.

Installation of the devices include increasing their visibility, and to this end ALH is posting stickers at entries to venues to alert anyone passing there is an AED onsite.

“AEDs can be used by anyone in the event of a cardiac emergency, even before professional medical assistance arrives,” Page says.

“The best thing is, they do not cause any harm to the patient or the person using the device, so you don’t need to be afraid to use one.”

The pubs scheme follows a successful rollout across all Endeavour’s Dan Murphy’s stores nationwide, and will incorporate complementary initiatives to maximise effectiveness, beyond visibility, such as training and upskilling for staff.


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