A new collaboration has ensured one-of-a-kind Sydney venue Re will continue its pioneering efforts in sustainability.

Re, which was established in 2021 in South Eveleigh, Sydney, announced its closure in February this year.

Re is known for its strong commitment to zero waste, without compromise on quality.

The revolutionary bar, which has found itself on best bars lists, will be relocating to Redfern’s Norfolk Hotel. It replaces the recently closed Spanish wine bar La Salut after the falling out between Public Hospitality Group and Love Tilly Group.

Public is now teaming up with cocktail guru Matt Whiley, the brainchild behind Re.

Macadamia Rum, Re x Mr Black Coffee Liqueur, Chocolate Wine, Banana, Yoghurt. Garnished with chocolate freeze dried banana peel.

Whiley will continue the commitment to zero-waste alongside Clayton Wells, Creative Culinary Director for Public. Together they will develop a creative food and drinks menu from waste produced from Public’s group of venues, which includes The Strand Hotel, Lady Hampshire, Empire Hotel, Lover’s Lane and many more.

Public has also given Whiley the task of overseeing Public’s overall waste management, in an effort to reduce the group’s environmental impact.

“It’s also great to help Public reduce their impact across their award-winning pubs, hotels and bars, as I believe this process of minimising waste is something we should be embracing across the industry,” said Whiley.

The operators posted to social media that Re will re-open in April, on an undisclosed date.

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