In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, many pubs are looking to offer foodservice and drinks to patrons stuck at home.

Challenges include:

  • Online ordering and payment systems​ ​
  • Delivery service
  • Promotion of the offering  

PubTIC has put together a ‘bundle’ that provides what you need to get started and delivering.

The start-up bundle includes:

  • ONLINE ORDERING & PAYMENTS under your branding: This is through Australian company OrderUp. The set-up fee is being waived, and the system costs venues just 3% of each order
  • DELIVERY – by electric bicycle: Bolt Bikes provide next-generation electric bikes for commercial delivery services for a low weekly rental, PLUS access to their existing network of more than 1,000 Bolt Bike riders, delivering orders for a low cost
  • MENU: optimising your delivery menu for successful results and profit is vital. Included in the PFS package is an expert guide to menu selection and preparation
  • PACKAGING: the best dishes can be ruined by the wrong packaging. Included in the PFS ​bundle is a guide to packaging ​choices and selection, and some discounts to get started
    • PFS customers get a free listing on The Happiest Hour app, and inclusion in their ‘Pub Delivery’ filter, on offer to their 100,000+ users
    • Facebook marketing is a powerful tool to target precise markets or areas, such as your locals. We provide you a customised video showing pubs best practises and tricks
    • Letterbox drops are ideal for ensuring your message reaches the areas you want, and let the locals know you’re open for their custom. We provide some templates to customise with your venue name and address, or give you some ideas for making your own

​Email PubTIC and we will send you all the details, including all costing and terms & conditions.

​More Information!


Order Up! is an Australian start-up working with pubs. It offers an all-in-one menu ordering system that is easy for venues to implement, with no fixed term contracts. Most customers prefer an efficient online ordering system to conveying an order over the phone, and it removes the need for staff to take calls.

It requires no infrastructure or hardware from the venue beyond an internet connection, and manages online ordering, payments and even delivery logistics – all under the venue’s own brand.

Customers can easily access the system via any mobile device, without requiring an app, download or specialty software. It can also be multilingual.

In the wake of the crisis, Order Up! is providing free setup (usually around $1k) and heavily reduced fees to get more pubs started.

​Watch a demo and testimonial on OrderUp!


Bolt Bikes provide commercial e-bikes through flexible rental subscriptions starting from $69 per week, which includes full maintenance. They incorporate a long-lasting battery to meet business demand.

The bikes could be used to offer delivery rider jobs to existing staff or new hires.

Also, Bolt has created a noticeboard called Bolt Jobs that connects with its existing network of over 1,000 delivery riders looking for work with local businesses. The service is 100 per cent free to use.


​The third challenge in setting up a delivery system for food and alcohol is getting the word out.

The Happiest Hour (THH) connects pubs and venues with patrons looking for ideas, promotions, or simply the nearest offering.

THH has created a custom function for its 100,000+ app users to easily find pubs delivering food and drinks. It will be promoting the service through its push notifications, and already over 100 pubs can be found using the system.


For venues interested in actively promoting their new ordering and delivery services on Facebook, Men At Work PR provide customised social media marketing.

The advantage of Facebook’s pay-per-click marketing is that ads and promotions by your venue can be targeted to very specific markets, such as only to people within a specific postcode or age bracket.

Men At Work (MAW) are providing several levels of Facebook marketing as options in the PubTIC Foodservice Solution.


Chef, educator, advisor and industry advocate Tawnya Bahr’s multi-disciplinary approach to food makes her one of the leading food experts in Australia. 

Tawnya combines her extensive culinary and business experience to provide practical guidance. She is eager to support hospitality businesses looking to pivot their food offering to include delivery and takeaway.

For PFS pubs Tawnya is sharing insights on curating a delivery and takeaway menu, and offering those wanting to take menu advancement further a 1-hour video consultation for $100.

Tawnya Bahr – Straight To The Source

​Crab cakes


Detpak is a multi-national family-owned business that designs, manufactures, and supplies foodservice industries with world-class sustainable paper and cardboard packaging solutions, while taking a boutique business approach to its level of service and care.

The company has built a purpose landing page for the exploding delivery and takeaway markets, and is running specials on some of its more popular delivery-style items.

Freight reductions are also available to PFS customers in selected areas.

The PubTIC Foodservice Solution package also supplies pubs with an expert advice flyer by Detpak.

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