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New online training for pub staff

Allara Learning has developed a suite of online compliance short courses for pubs and hotels in Australia.


  • Save time and money
    Reduce staff time away from the workplace, eliminate the need for travel and remove the need for onsite training.
  • Professional first-impression
    Streamlline your organisation’s onboarding process and create a professional first-impression with new employees.
  • RSA and RCG recap courses
    Allara have devloped RSA and RCG recap courses specifically designed for Australian pubs.

Schedule a demo

If you’d like to arrange a demo to see first-hand why so many pub groups across Australia are using Allara’s online training platform call Allara Learning on 1300 772 724 or visit request a demo online


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More information

For more information call 1300 772 724 or visit